High-end furniture for villas, hotels and resorts in Bali.

A villa in Bali with green backyard and big pool.
Custom solutions

We are specialized in producing high-quality furniture

5-year warranty included
Floor to ceiling wardrobe in a bedroomOpen wardrobe with compartments and drawers. The cabinet also has built-in LED lights. Make up corner next to the wardrobeDrawer in the make-up corner with different compartments for jewelry. Full sized wardrobe with a very clean and elegant look. The wardrobe has soft and light wood pattern with golden door handles. Open wardrobe with built-in clothing rack, drawers and LED lights.

Showcase: Master bedroom wardrobe

A minimalistic but warm wardrobe, using our Atlas Oak MFC. Comfort and ease-of-use was also very important to our client, that's why our hardware choice was Hettich (sliding door rails with soft close) and Blum (drawer rails).

A kitchen big kitchen within a house. All the cabinets are white and in the middle there is a kitchen island. Doorhandles for kitchen cabinetsFull length kitchen cabinets in white. A secret door in a kitchenKitchen island with granite top table and white cabinetsGranite top table of a kitchenBlack kitchen sinkCorner cabinet for pots and pans. Specific hardware makes this scenario very practical.

Showcase: Complete kitchen furniture

The body is of the cabinets is made of our White MFC and all the doors and drawers are made MDF with spray paint finishing. The counter tops are from solid surface, which has been seamlessly installed.

To finish it off, we used a sink and water tap set from BLANCO and a corner rack from Kesseböhmer, allowing for optimal use of difficult to reach areas.

A wide and white bathroom cabinet with two different sinks.
Bathroom cabinet with built-in sink. The overall design is white, modern, and clean.

Showcase: Bathroom cabinets

Our client wanted to have have a marble look for their bathroom sink cabinet and we helped them to realize this with solid surface. Below we have made sufficient cabinet storage for towels and other bathroom supplies.

Close-up of a person working with furniture production software on a laptop.

Handover your design and we will translate it into reality

Our team will translate your design into technical drawings for production. Once approved, we will produce, assemble, and ship your furniture to the preferred location on Bali.

Need some help designing the perfect furniture? 

We have several incredibly skilled designers in our network that can assist you with designing the perfect furniture. Please let us know and we would be happy to mediate! 

Bali is a highly competitive market, Airbnb, Traveloka — they are filled with amazing properties and more are being added every day.

Furniture should not be overlooked

Nothing is more annoying than kitchen and wardrobe doors that are not opening and closing properly.

Invest in quality, choose Furnindo

You want and need to stand out

Every property owner is always striving for the 5-star reviews, because that's all that people look at nowadays.

Impress your beloved guests

Detailed furniture that looks stunning and works smoothly — not just after installation, but for many and many years to come.

Outside photo of a big villa in Bali.

The production cycle behind our premium furniture

We import our wooden panels from Europe

Local suppliers in Bali or throughout Indonesia are not (yet) able to produce the high quality wooden panels that we need for producing our premium furniture.

Multiple big stacks of wooden panels for furniture production

The panels are processed in our topnotch production facility

Located in Tangerang, Indonesia (not too far from Jakarta) is our 5.500 m² furniture factory — equipped with the best German machinery from Homag.

Holzma wood processing machine within Furnindo's factory hall.
A person assembling a white cabinet. The destination of this cabinet is a villa in Bali.
Two people operating the system of a furniture machine
Furnindo's CNC machine, which is used for the precise detailing of wooden panels.
Big storage area for furniture hardware

And let's not forget about hardware...

Hardware makes all the difference in how smoothly you can interact with your furniture. Our preferred brands are imported from Europe, due to their durability and added functionalities.

Shipping to the island of gods — BALI

After careful assembly and packaging, we can assist you with shipping the furniture to Bali.

A beautiful shot of Bali's coastline - with blue waves coming in from the left and a steep cliffside on the right.
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About Furnindo

In 2016 we started with a team of 8 and mainly produced furniture for corporate businesses — including brands like L'Oréal, Tokopedia, Unilever, and many more.

Fast forward 6 years and our team has grown to 40+, ranging from technical drafters to on-site installers. The industries we produce furniture for have also expanded and the countries we sell to too — with currently one client in Singapore and one in Japan.

As mentioned before, our factory is located in Tangerang, Indonesia and we are more than happy to assist you with shipping produced furniture to Bali.

Lastly, you are more than welcome to visit our factory!

Full Furnindo team in a group photo on the factory floor.